Business Communities



Great places for great businesses.

Most other property developers follow what has traditionally been done. It’s an approach that just focuses on tangible, predictable things like bricks and mortar. We define success as something more intangible. Creating vibrant business communities is much like creating a vibrant residential community — good for practical reasons but also good for the soul.

The properties we create come in different shapes and sizes, but what they all share is a sense of vibrancy — activity and atmosphere that extends across all businesses, which is proven to contribute to improved performance and productivity. Above all it’s less about buildings, and more about people and place.

E-commerce? Or toy warehouse?

Deliberately designed with flexibility in mind, office-warehouses are ideal for business storage, consulting or even somewhere to house your prized motorbike. The choice is yours.

Meticulous and methodical design.

Our design philosophy process is tried-and-tested. We work closely with respected architects and other designers, as well as drawing on our own vast experience to create lively business communities for people to enjoy — it’s a philosophy of quality over quantity. With every detail carefully considered, we can anticipate the needs of the future with built-in flexibility — including the ability to adapt and modify footprints as businesses grow and evolve.

Pictured, 45 Vere St Richmond

Pictured, 45 Vere St Richmond

In-depth market research

A methodical process to ensure we not only develop properties where they are most needed, but also understand how our properties might be used and ultimately what our buyers want.

Rigorous site selection

A quality over quantity approach to ensure properties are an ideal choice for their intended purpose, offer buyers great value for money and ultimately hold the most potential to be a vibrant, successful business community.

Design, testing and refinement

We understand that modern, quality workplaces are important for both business efficiency and staff morale. That's why we implement a rigorous design process that not only ensures every building is highly optimised, but it's also a great environment to help build and maintain employee wellbeing.

Decades of experience and knowledge

Across every aspect of design and construction, we closely work with our trusted consultants to ensure buyers benefit from our decades of real-world experience.

Who said industrial parks were just concrete jungles?

It’s proven that people respond more efficiently when working in an environment that looks good and feels good, so we always prioritise landscaping and amenities in all of our business communities.

Front of mind.

How can we use better materials? How can we minimise our impact on the landscape? How can we further enhance the environment within our communities?

Through every aspect of our project lifecycle, we’re looking to be more sustainable. It’s a constant effort to review, learn, refine and consistently improve as we continue to design and build our much-loved, vibrant business communities.